Easier Grade Bumping

Choose Honeywell’s line of additives to boost asphalt performance without increasing blending, mixing, or paving temperatures.

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Grade Bumping with Consistent Viscosity

Honeywell Titan additives for asphalt are polyolefin polymers:

  • Molecular weights between 5,000-15,000
  • Used in quantities between 1-3% of the asphalt formulation
  • No dependency on butadiene feedstock

Meet Demanding Performance Specifications with Lower Viscosity

  • Retain low viscosity while meeting demanding performance specifications in both high and low temperatures
  • Helps compact at lower temperatures than asphalt modified with conventional asphalt polymers such as SBS

High Temperature Performance

Improve pavement rutting performance:

Low Temperature Performance

Minimal effect on cold and intermediate temperature performance like cracking:

NOTE: All additives at 2% by weight in PG (64-22) except EGA at 0.8% with acid. SBS not crosslinked.

New Honeywell Additives For Asphalt Decrease Paving Energy Costs And Pollutant Emissions
Honeywell Titan Fact Sheet – Road Pavers
Honeywell Titan Fact Sheet – Asphalt Processing
Technical Data Sheet – Honeywell Titan 7686
MSDS – Honeywell Titan 7686
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On the road in 19 U.S. states, 13 countries and 3 provinces
Below are just a few of the paving projects that have been completed using Honeywell Titan.

Location Date Project Title Length or Hot Mix Asphalt MT
Beaumont, Texas, USA May
State Highway 347 PG76-22 SMA-D mix from PG 64-22 using Honeywell Titan/SBS Hybrid 1.2 miles, 1000 Tons HMA
Camp Douglas, Wisconsin, USA October 2010 Military Base roads and parking lots PG64-28 from PG58-28 with Honeywell Titan, 15% RAP, 2 lifts 9000 Tons HMA
DeRidder, Louisiana, USA August 2011 State Highway 112 & 171 PG70-22 from PG 64-22 using Honeywell Titan, 15% RAP, 2 lifts 1250 Tons HMA
Clover, South Carolina, USA October 2009 Honeywell plant parking lot and access road. PG70-22 from PG 64-22 with Honeywell Titan 500 Tons HMA
Madison, Wisconsin, USA September 2009 Wisconsin County Road with DOT PG64-28 from PG 58-28 with Honeywell Titan 1.5 miles, 4 lanes, 12,000 Tons HMA
Chihuahua, Mexico September 2009 Honeywell Plant PG70-16 from AC 30, 2 lifts 4000 Tons HMA
Shan’Xi China June
Shan’Xi XiTong Highway Honeywell Titan used for improving anti-rutting performance 200 meters
Inner Mongolia, China August 2011 XilingGuoLe Highway Honeywell Titan used for 30% anti-rutting improvement, mixed at 10 degrees C lower and paved at 30 degrees C lower vs. SBS PMA 500 meters
Muscat, Oman November 2010 Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman  
Seelze, Germany November 2010 Heavy duty pavement for an industrial area (added to a PmB 25-55/55) 200 meters

Honeywell Titan Fact Sheet
Technical Data Sheet – Honeywell Titan 7686