A Better Footprint

Asphalt modified with Honeywell Titan™ is mixed and applied at lower temperatures, reducing energy consumption and reducing emissions by as much as 80%..

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Energy and Emissions

Reduce Energy and Emissions

Improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions throughout the blending, asphalt mixing and paving processes with Honeywell Titan™ additives. Help create a safer workplace for road crews and lessen the impact of paving on the environment with our asphalt polymers.

Reduce Energy Usage During Mixing

  • Blend, mix and apply at lower temperatures than asphalt modified with conventional asphalt polymers
  • Significantly reduce the processing temperature normally required for mixing and applying asphalt

Reduce Emissions

Lower asphalt processing temperatures to:

  • Reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other air pollutants
  • Reduce the negative environmental and health impacts of paving

In a paving trial held in Texas, Honeywell Titan additives reduced*:

  • SO2 emissions by 82%
  • NOx emissions by 43%
  • VOCs by 19%
  • CO2 emissions by 18%

*Extrapolated from ISAP 2008, Julien et al: Environmental Assessment of HMA

Reduce Roller Passes

  • Compacts more easily than SBS-modified asphalt
  • Reduce roller passes by about 33%** and save energy

**Ref. Honeywell trial in Texas. Results may vary depending on paving location.