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Improve the performance of your rubber operation with Honeywell performance additives. Our additives can be used as dispersing agents for color masterbatch applications. Each of our synthetic waxes is designed to influence a variety of properties, including pigment loading, pigment dispersion, chroma and pigment/filler compatibility.​

Product Hardness Mettler Drop Point Viscosity Acid Number SDS TDS
A-C® 6 4.0106°C (223°F)375 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 6A 4.0106°C (223°F)375 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 400A 9.592°C (198°F)595 @ 140°C
A-C® 617 7.0101°C (214°F)180 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 617A 7.0101°C (214°F)180 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 629 5.5101°C (214°F)200 @ 140°C15
A-C® 1702 9890°C (194°F)30 @ 140°CNil
Rheolub® RL-657