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Improve the performance of your printing inks with A-C® performance additives. Our synthetic waxes are designed to influence many ink properties, including mar resistance, abrasion resistance, slip, rub, matting, adhesion and rheology. These additives come in a small-particle, micronized powder form that can be used in water or solvent-based thin film applications.

Product Hardness Mettler Drop Point Viscosity Acid Number SDS TDS
A-C® 6 4.0106°C(223°F)375 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 6A 4.0106°C(223°F)375 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 8 1.0113°C(235°F)450 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 8A 1.0113°C(235°F)450 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 9 0.5115°C(239°F)450 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 9A 0.5115°C(239°F)450 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 316 <0.5140°C(284°F)8500 @ 150°C16
A-C® 325 <0.5136°C(277°F)4500 @ 150°C25
A-C® 330 <0.5137°C(279°F)3600 @ 150°C30
A-C® 392 <0.5138°C(280°F)4500 @ 150°C30
A-C® 540 2.0105°C(221°F)575 @ 140°C40
A-C® 580 495°C(203°F)650 @ 140°C75
A-C® 617 7.0101°C(214°F)180 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 820A 1126°C(259°F)80 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 1702 9890°C(194°F)30 @ 140°CNil
A-C® 5120 8.092°C(198°F)600 @ 140°C120
A-C® 1810A 2.0121°C(250°F)20 @ 140°CNil
ACumist® 3405 <1.0121°C(250°F)Nil
ACumist® A-6 <0.5137°C(279°F)26 to 40
ACumist® A-12 <0.5137°C(279°F)26 to 40
ACumist® B-6 <1.0126°C(259°F)Nil
ACumist® B-12 <1.0126°C(259°F)Nil
ACumist® C-5 <1.0121°C(250°F)Nil
ACumist® C-12 <1.0121°C(250°F)Nil
ACumist® D-6 <2.0118°C(244°F)Nil
ACumist® D-9 <2.0118°C(244°F)Nil
ACumist® D-12 <2.0118°C(244°F)Nil
ACumist® D-55 <2.0118°CNil
ACumist® P-5 <0.5145°C(293°F)Nil
ACumist® P-10 <0.5145°C(293°F)Nil
AClyn® 201 102°C(215°F)5500 @ 190°C42
AClyn® 295A 99°C(210°F)4500 @ 190°C
Cohesa® 0001
Cohesa® 0002
Cohesa® 3050