Rheolub® RL-420

May contain blends of paraffin and hydrocarbon waxes, polyethylene waxes, fatty acid esters and fatty acid amides, and other lubricants.

Product Form and Size

  • Product FormPrill
  • Product FamilyWax Blend

Regulatory Approvals

  • Plastic Pipe Institute/NSF*Yes
  • FDA Indirect Approvals*No
  • FDA Direct Food Additives Approvals*No

Related TDS/SDS

Typical Uses

  • PlasticsDecreases Die Pressure| Fusion Time Delay| Improves External Lubrication| Improves Metal Release| Lowers Melt Temperatur

Typical Properties

  • Viscosity @ 210°C168
  • Viscosity168 @ 210°C
  • Acid Number3