A-C® 400

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer in prill form, with a VA content of 13%, used extensively in hot melt adhesives (HMAs) to control rheology and boost adhesion. It can be added as a diluent but provides the dual function of reducing application viscosity at melt, while providing an adhesion boost versus homopolymer, non functional diluents (FT, byproduct, thermally degraded (TD) and PE homopolymer waxes). It is completely miscible in EVA adhesive resins, as would be expected by the similar chemistry. It is also used in candles to provide paraffin crystal nucleation, which increases thermal and breakage resistance, adhesion to glass, and fragrance retention.


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    * The regulation includes a reference to this product. This does not imply blanket approval. End users should refer to the specific FDA regulation for details including extraction limitations and restrictions on the use of this product.

Product Form and Size

  • Product FormPrill
  • Product FamilyEVA copolymer

Product Settings

  • Product SettingsDynamic

Regulatory Approvals

  • Plastic Pipe Institute/NSF*No
  • FDA Indirect Approvals*Yes
  • FDA Direct Food Additives Approvals*No

Related TDS/SDS

Typical Uses

  • AdhesivesCompatibilizer| Improve Adhesion to Substrate| Lower Application Temperature| Prevent Oil Migration| Reduce Processing Time

Typical Properties

  • Hardness, dmm (ASTM D-5)9.5
  • Viscosity @ 140° C595
  • Drop Point, Mettler92°C (198°F)
  • Hide Drop Point, Mettler on details page?No
  • Viscosity595 @ 140°C
  • Density0.92
  • Vinyl Acetate Content13% Vinyl Acetate