Quality & Environment


Honeywell Specialty Chemical Seelze is committed to sustainable development that is, ecologically responsible, socially acceptable, and economically feasible.

The Integrated Management System

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications reflect our uncompromising commitment to ensuring consistent quality in our high purity products, process reliability and environmental considerations. Safety management plays a key role in our integrated management system, and includes all safety processes.

Quality Management

As early as 1992, a quality management system operated by the site was certified by the German Association for Certification of Quality Management Systems (DQS). Since then, quality audits have taken place regularly at the Seelze facilities, where the Riedel-de Haën® brand products are manufactured and distributed. The quality management system HOS (Honeywell Operating Systems) includes every aspect of the location´s quality policy. The Seelze site is periodically audited by DQS and by customers using the international DIN ISO 9001 as the benchmark.

Environmental Management

At Honeywell Specialty Chemicals Seelze, every aspect of environmental responsibility and implementation of methods to address them are controlled by the Integrated Management System, which has received international ISO 14001 certification.

We continuously invest in best practices with regard to environmental concerns. This enhances the overall quality of products, considers the welfare of employees at the site and our local neighbourhood, and reassures customers.

Responsible Care®

Honeywell, including all its divisions and brands such as Riedel-de Haën®, is committed to Responsible Care®, the global initiative launched by the American Chemistry Council in 1988 to respond to public concerns about the manufacture and use of chemicals. Responsible Care® requires companies to improve performance in response to public concerns about the effects of chemicals on health, safety and the environment. One of the mandates of the program is that member companies must seek to involve the community in Responsible Care®, so public concerns can be expressed and addressed. The aim is to achieve continuous progress toward the vision of responsible chemical manufacturing with no accidents, injuries, or harm to the environment.

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