Ten Good Reasons To Use Honeywell Aluminum Brazing Flux

Discover why some of the world’s leading industrial companies choose the Honeywell range of aluminum brazing fluxes.

Long-term Experience and Expertise

  • Honeywell are a leading manufacturer of high-purity fine chemicals
  • With hard won expertise in manufacturing metal salts and complex fluorides
  • With over 20 years manufacturing specialized fluoroaluminates

High Quality Material ‘Made in Germany’

  • We pride ourselves on ensuring low impurity levels
  • And excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • And ensure we have reliable manufacturing processes by rigorously implementing the respected ‘Honeywell Operating System‘ (HOS)

Broad Product Portfolio

  • We manufacture powder fluxes, paint fluxes, flux pastes and additives
  • Available in a wide range of packaging options
  • And we offer customized solutions for nearly all applications

Focus on Innovation

  • We have an extremely active R&D department – who constantly look to refine our brazing technology
  • We use Velocity Product Development™ to drive our product pipeline
  • We expect and deliver product, process and supply chain innovation

Global Reach and Service Capabilities

  • We offer local sales support and warehousing
  • Coupled with a global technical service and supply chain
  • We have developed a global network of industry specialists

Secured Supply of Honeywell Al-Flux 2805

  • Our best-selling product Al-Flux 2805 is available directly from Honeywell
  • Source from Honeywell with no requalification required
  • Buy direct and you will not need to reformulate

Low Melting Point

  • Our flux has a melting point at 552 ± 3.0°C
  • This provides a wider flux reactivity range
  • And delivers a more robust brazing process

Controlled Particle Size

  • A narrow particle size distribution
  • Creates a homogeneous and uniform application
  • Enabling a more robust application process

Improved Efficiency

  • All our products are optimized to deliver excellent performance
  • Creating value from improved productivity
  • And more Eco-friendly, with lower energy costs and flux loading

Robust and Stable Brazing Process

  • High quality – consistent, uniform flux
  • Efficient flux utilisation
  • Improved brazing performance