Lumilux® Green SN-F20

Long glow safety signs and products for egress path marking systems according to DIN 67510-4,
ISO 16069, ISO 17398, NYC II26, IMO, BGR 216

Related TDS/SDS

    Typical Uses

    • Content

      Solvent-based paints and inks, thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics

    Typical Properties

    • Product ChemistryStrontium Aluminate
    • Density (g/cm3)3.4
    • Phosphorescence colorGreen
    • Brightness after 5 min (mcd/m2)580
    • Brightness after 10 min (mcd/m2)295
    • Brightness after 60 min (mcd/m2)40

    Product Form and Size

    • Product formPowder
    • PSD50 max particle size24