Lumilux™ Pigment Overview

Honeywell’s Lumilux™ brand offers multiple Fluorescent & Phosphorescent pigments

With the world’s broadest product line of luminescent pigments and taggants, Honeywell offers phosphorescent and fluorescent products in a variety of forms, to suit virtually any application.

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Honeywell Lumilux™ pigments have been a mainstay of the safety and security industry for more than four decades, consistently meeting the everchanging landscape of rigorous brightness standards required in safety, signage and authentication applications.

We offer the industry’s largest portfolio of phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments and taggants that can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Safety and signage
  • Automated sorting processes
  • Watch dials
  • Injection-molded toys and novelty items
  • Paints and coatings
  • Authentication applications
  • Other specialty applications

These are glow in the dark pigments which can absorb energy when exposed to sun or an artificial light source and emit light over a period of time after the source has been removed. Honeywell offers phosphorescent products with two different chemistries designed to meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards:

  • Lumilux® N: Zinc sulfide-based products
  • Lumilux SN: Strontium aluminate pigment products, which feature significantly higher initial brightness and longer afterglow periods than Zinc sulfide-based products
Honeywell is the leading supplier of fluorescent pigments in the industry. Our Lumilux product range includes SW UV, UV-B, LW UV, bi-fluorescent, upconverting security pigments as well as IR taggants. The Lumilux pigments are specially produced to provide excellent batch-to-batch consistency, which helps to ensure a constant signal strength across all materials.

Our organic and inorganic products have a variety of emission colors, and are suitable for use in a very wide selection of substrates and carriers such as printing inks, paper, foil, film, plastics and metal, for applications across a range of Industries – including government documents, banknotes, coins, labels, packaging and automation processes.

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