Currency Security

Banknote Security & Coin  Security

It doesn’t matter whether the transaction is taking place at a large central bank, in an office or across the counter at the corner market. People need to know that the banknotes and coins they’re using are the real thing, backed by the full faith and confidence of the issuing government.

Counterfeiters today have more tricks up their sleeves than ever before. But you can stay steps ahead of the forgers by choosing Honeywell’s secure lock-and-key solutions as the backbone of an effective anti-counterfeiting program.

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We supply solutions to the world’s most important governments and institutions. Our products are extremely difficult to reproduce due to the high level of technological skill and expertise needed to characterize and manufacture them. These materials can be integrated into nearly every facet of a banknote – inks, fibers, threads, paper, or polymer substrates – or into a coin – to create features that counterfeiters simply can’t match.
Currency Security

Honeywell taggants are designed to seamlessly blend into multi-layered coin and banknote authentication systems. A suite of security inks, ink concentrates and varnishes that offer superior lightfastness and stability are available to suit the print substrate, appearance or detection color you require:

Type of security feature Applications
Ink/Ink Concentrate Flexographic, offset, screen or inkjet printing
Overprint Varnish Flood coating and flexographic, offset, or screen printing
Anti-counterfeit measures

Honeywell has developed a family of highly sensitive and sophisticated counterfeit detectors to enable our secure chemistries and create true lock-and-key solutions for our customers. We offer customized quality control, process control, high-speed sorting and handheld counterfeit detectors to help our customers create banknotes and coins that are easy to authenticate but virtually impossible to counterfeit.

These counterfeit currency detectors are available as standalone or original equipment manufacturer units. They can also be designed to retrofit onto banknote or coin sorting equipment, paper manufacturing lines or as hand held readers.