Brand Protection

Brand Protection & Anti-counterfeiting Systems

Honeywell’s brand protection and anti-counterfeiting systems use purely digital authentication technologies based on smartphone verification. Alternatively, traditional physical authentication technologies based on (semi-)covert materials can also ensure your branded goods are safe from counterfeiting and diversion.

  • Brand Protection Overview
  • Brand Protection Taggants
  • Smartphone Authentication

Over the last years, Authentication Technologies has invested into digital authentication to protect the Honeywell brand. From our brand protection experience we have been addressing the brand protection needs of our customers with this authentication solution based on smartphone scanning.
Alternatively, our (semi-)covert materials are deployed in traditional physical anti-counterfeiting systems.

  • Cosmetics and Oral Care
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Food & Beverages
  • Automotive parts
  • Lubricants
  • Apparel
  • Luxury goods
  • Electronics
  • Industrial goods and chemicals
  • Military equipment

We use the latest anti-counterfeit level 2 semi-covert (L2) and level 3 covert (L3) security techniques, developed through our extensive experience.

Our Lumilux® semi-covert and machine-readable covert taggants can be seamlessly incorporated into plastics, fabric, foil, paints and coatings, or metal.

In addition, Lumilux taggants can also be used in secure labels and product packaging.

The Honeywell Smartphone Authentication addresses today´s needs of brand owners searching to protect their packed goods from counterfeiting and diversion accommodating to current packaging processes.
The smartphone represents a detection tool which every stakeholder in the market from the brand owner, the warehouse, logistics partner, customs, distributor, to the retailer and consumer can use to verify authenticity.
The owner of a branded product can define who shall scan its product for authenticity and can customize result messaging. The solution delivers the necessary market intelligence to be able to better understand where business losses occur due to counterfeiting or diversion and enable to counteract.

  • No additional consumables
  • Solution accommodates to frequently changing design artworks. Almost non-invasive, requires only small adjustments in the overall packaging processing.
  • No additional space required (e.g. for barcode)
  • Hidden security features. We offer multiple security features and a high degree of security during supply.
  • Our smartphone authentication solution is app-based, available in Google Play and Apple Store, works also off-line and provides the verification message in a few seconds.

Monitoring software creates transparency on counterfeit rates and hot spots in the market and pictures of the verifications scans can be used in further interaction with authorities or supply chain stakeholders.